Our consulting service is a general psychology practice operating Australia wide, including dealing with general psychological issues (such as anxiety, depression, relationships).

We provide counselling through Medicare (where there is a partial rebate available for the cost of services ) and ATAPS (where counselling is provided at no cost to clients referred through to this scheme by their GP). We also provide phone and Skype based mental health services.

Key Skills

  • As an experienced cross-cultural our psychologist has undertaken culturally appropriate cognitive and other assessments of Aboriginal people over many years. This includes the appropriate use and limitations of mainstream standardized tests with Aboriginal people.
  • He works on a bicultural model that involves working with Aboriginal collaborators in creating psycho-cultural assessments and Positive Behaviour Plans.
  • He Is the only psychologist in Australia who has worked extensively with Deaf and communicatively challenged Aboriginal people. He works in this area as part of a bicultural team
  • He provides secondary consultations to other practitioners working with complex cases involving Aboriginal people with disability.
  • He advises on promoting the use of ‘culturally familiar care’ practices for Aboriginal people with disability being cared for non-Aboriginal carers and ‘maintaining family contact despite the humbug’, for care agencies.

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