What Services Can I Get?

You will work together with your home care provider to design a care package of coordinated care and services best suited to help you with your daily living. This could include a mix of the services included below, depending on your needs and your Home Care Package level.
Your provider can also manage your services for you. Depending on the level of Home Care Package you receive, you can get assistance with a range of different health care services and home health aides. The three main categories of services are:

Services to keep me healthy and independent
  • Personal care
  • Nursing services
  • Allied health and therapy services
  • Food and nutrition
  • Specialised support
Personal care to help you maintain your personal hygiene and grooming standards.
Can include:
  • help with bathing, showering, toileting
  • help with dressing and undressing
  • assistance with getting in and out of bed
  • help with washing and drying hair, shaving
  • reminders to take your medication
Services to keep me safe in my home
  • Cleaning and home maintenance
  • Minor home modifications
  • Goods, equipment, and assistive technology
  • To help you keep your home clean, tidy, and safe. Can include:
    • help with making beds
    • help with ironing and laundry
    • help with cleaning like dusting, vacuuming, and mopping
    • light gardening (weeding, pruning, lawn mowing, minor garden maintenance, clearing debris)
Services to keep me connected to my community
  • Transport services
  • Social support services
  • To get you out and about to appointments and community activities. Can include: assistance with shopping, visiting health practitioners, attending social activities.

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