We empower YOU to use technology to achieve YOUR goals

We work with you to identify your goals, identify the technology that can help you    
​achieve your goals, purchase approved technology for you by accessing your NDIS funding, and we work alongside you to teach you how to use this technology and make a difference at work, home, school and in the community. We are driven to locate and personalise technology to empower your world.

What we do:

We provide a complete solution

We can help you develop a technology action plan to:

  • Identify your goals
  • Identify your strengths
  • Identify areas technology can assist
  • Purchase technology for you accessing your NDIS funding
  • Make your device work for you
  • Provide ongoing support and keep you up to date with the latest technology
We make technology personal
  • We understand everyone uses technology differently
  • We get to know you and understand your needs
  • We tailor the technology
  • We assist you to gain power over your technology 
  • We support you while you learn and develop confidence 
  • It is not about disabilities, it is about abilities and integrating technology to bridge the gap​
We work with
  • Students & Schools: We develop work and communication flow patterns to help you learn at School
  • Employers & Employees: We work with you and your employer to develop work flow patterns to enable you in the workplace
  • You & Your Caregiver: ​Support you and your service providers to get the most from technology

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