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Case Management

Case Management provides Occupational Therapy Services and Assistive Technology programs equipment and training, Low Level Light Therapy, PMEF and much more.

Case Management provides Functional Capacity, Cognitive, Postural Wheelchair and Seating and Assistive Technology assessments and trials as required.

We partner with selected health professionals all who have a unique approach to help provide a team approach to providing therapy intervention for you, your partner, your friends and your family members.

We are NDIS, DVA, Medicare registered.

Our focus has a strong Neurological, Functional and Postural base an we follow a holistic path to maximising your abilities and reducing the affects of pain, injury and disability

We access complimentary therapies and enthusiastically embrace new technologies to work alongside traditional Allied Health approaches with the simple aim, to implement intervention that makes a difference.

Our aim to assist those who want to try interventions that provide a fresh and positive path with hope and a forward direction. Book an initial assessment with our Therapist online or call us.

How we can help

Help with NDIS

Help with NDIS

An Occupational Therapist will provide a Functional Capacity Assessment. This requires a 2 hour assessment followed by a Functional Capacity Report that can vary in length.

Case Management can perform the assessment at your home. We can assess clients of all ages and develop an OT Therapy program that can delivered at our clinic, at home, at work or at school depending on the goals.

At Case Management we look at the whole person and work with everyone to provide intervention that actually produces positive gains. If approved all fees are covered by your NDIS plan.

If you have any NDIS questions please contact Case Management and we will talk you through the process at no charge.

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